collaboration with students

Collaborating with one or more university students can have a wide range of benefits for your company. Whether it is project collaboration, an internship or a student job, you will get motivated, inventive workers that look at daily operations in your company or at specific tasks to collaborate on with fresh eyes.

Project collaboration

A typical project lasts for four to five months in either the spring or fall semester. Projects can run for longer periods, and some students and partners are so pleased with the collaboration that they decide to carry on with it for several semesters.

The students get a case and the chance to translate theory into practice, and as a partner, you get a scientificly based suggestion to a solution to a given problem in your company. Solutions are often both creative and based on the latest knowledge in the problem’s area.

Student project work takes place primarily in groups of varying size, but typically consists of a group of two to seven students. Several people working on a task means that the students have the energy to tackle issues of a considerable size. In the interest of the company, a project can be confidential. This means that the project is not included in project libraries, and exams can be closed to outsiders.

Student internships

An intern can look at your company with fresh and professionally competent eyes. Internships also provide you with the opportunity to have tasks solved that there may not be resources for in daily operations. The are many other good reasons to take on an intern:

  • An intern is an additional resource who can support the daily workload
  • An intern can assist in planning and implementation of major or minor projects
  • An intern can conduct evaluations and analyses
  • An intern can work both independently and engage in teamwork
  • An intern can analyse and work with problems in local, national and international contexts

student jobs

It is a good investment for companies and organisations to hire students in student jobs. Costs are low and since the students are also well equipped to handle tasks related to their studies, it is a great opportunity to solve some of the tasks that get deprioritised due to time-related or economic reasons.

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