collaboration with researchers and phds

There are basically three different ways in which to set up a collaboration framework with one or several robotics researchers or PhD students: 
Joint research projects, consulting (commissioned research) and industrial PhD programmes.

consulting (comissioned research)

Robotics researchers can assist you if you need a specific piece of work done, such as a study, a measurement, technical advice or anything else where you can draw on our robotics expertise.

Industrial PhD

Does your company want to develop new ideas and new knowledge - but lack the time and resources? An industrial PhD could be part of the solution. 
An industrial PhD is a research student, who spends half his or her time at your company and the other half at the university.

The industrial PhD is first and foremost a researcher, but the topic or area 
being dealt with relates to your company’s strategy and area of activity. 
In other words, your company gets a wage-subsidized robotics expert for a 3-year period, who can solve research and development issues with strong academic competence. Click here for more information on industrial PhD programmes.

Joint Research projects

Joint research projects are the most common form of collaboration between external actors and AAU researchers.
The framework of a joint research project is determined by your company and the researchers concerned together. It can take many forms and involve just one or a greater number of researchers. Accordingly, budgets can span from almost nothing to millions.

A joint research project provides your company with the opportunity to put scientific focus on a specific business area, such as product development. Your company has the opportunity to follow the scientific work at close range, and knowledge transfer will occur continuously. In this context, it may also be agreed that parts of the scientific work are to be done by your company, or that the project is based on technology that is part of your existing products.

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