about aalborg u robotics

Originally estrablished as The Center for Robotics Research at AAU in 2007, The Aalborg U Robotics recieved its name in 2013. The programme promotes, research, innovation, education and dissemination within robotics based on an interdisciplinary approach.

Six Departments at Aalborg University are part of Aalborg U Robotics:

Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology
Department of Electronic Systems
Department of Communucation and Psychology
Department of Computer Science
Department of Health Science and Technology


Aalborg U Robotics currently has forty VIP members and two TAP members

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Aalborg U Robotics combines disciplines, concepts, methods and technologies that do not usually interact.
We provide a platform for synergy and collaboration with a focus on robotics.
The programme provides an umbrella under which projects and activities can be initiated and coordinated.