aalborg u robotics annual workshop series

Research and application development activities in robotics are rapidly growing in Denmark and at Aalborg University (AAU). 
This is witnessed by high-impact publications and robotic systems such as Geminoid.DK, LittleHelper, AAUBot, iSocioBot, to name a few. We anticipate that robotics, and especially robotics concerned with collaborative 
interaction between humans and robots to achieve common goals, will become a central area of research at AAU.

Since 2012, The following instances on the workshop has been sucessfully completed:

2014: The Third annual AAU Robotics Workshop, Post Workshop Poceedings to appear
2013: The Second AAU Robotics Workshop, Proceedings
2012: The First AAU Robotics Workshop, Post Workshop Proceedings

interested in participating?

Apply now for the Fourth Aalborg U Robotics Workshop 2015 here:

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